Street Curling is a unique no-ice curling system! Perfect For:


Bars and Pubs


Restaurants & Entertainment Centres


Fan Zones and Festivals

Virtually any place where people gather and want to have a good time. You've seen "that Olympic game" before, now you can do it without a multi-million dollar ice rink!

Our New Street Curling Rink is Fun for All Ages!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of the rink?

A typical Street Curling rink's footprint is 33' (10m) x 6'7" (2m), however in most cases we can customize the length to fit to the dimensions you have available. If space is tight, we can even reduce the rink to a one-way version with rings at only one end.

Can I move the rink?

Yes! It is very easy to assemble and disassemble if you need to remove it for a special event, or only want to set it up for special events.

Can we install it outdoors?

Absolutely - the "ice" is UV resistant and has no parts that will rust so bring on the rain and snow! All you need is a flat, level surface to install the rink.

Does it require much maintenance?

The Street Curling rink and stones are very low maintenance. The "ice" will remain quite clean as nothing really sticks to it, but you can also wash it whenever you see fit with water or any natural cleaning product, just as you would any floor.

Is it kid-friendly?

The stones weigh just over 2 pounds (1kg) each, and slide with little effort. Kids love it!

How can my organization generate revenue with this rink?

Just like traditional gaming options, you can charge a fee to reserve the Street Curling rink for a period of time, or per match.

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World Curling Federation

Street Curling is the Official Iceless Curling Equipment of the World Curling Federation