Backyard Curling Set – ISO-01

The ultimate backyard rink. Introducing Backyard Curling.

Make the most out of what’s sure to be a long winter. Upgrade your skating rink into a multi-use rink with Backyard Curling.
The target rings are easily added to your rink during the flooding process and the lightweight stones are specially designed to slide on any ice surface with no extra grooming or pebbling required.
Experience backyard curling fun with your family, pod, or bubble this winter in the great outdoors.

Backyard Curling allows you to embrace the great outdoors and add curling to your ice rink!

The Backyard Curling set includes 8 lightweight ice stones and 1 Freeze-In Mat. The Freeze-In mat is 48 x 48 in and is frozen into the ice surface during the flooding process. Install instructions are included with your purchase.
Our specially designed ice stones are lightweight and slide effortlessly on any ice surface. No pebbling or special grooming is required.
With your target rings installed into your ice surface, you can enjoy curling, skating, and hockey with no transitioning of the ice needed!

Outdoor activities are a safer way to stay active and have fun this winter.

Backyard Curling can be enjoyed while social distancing — simply use the mats as a distancing guide and stay 1 foot from the side of the Freeze-In Mat. Safely enjoy Backyard Curling with your loved ones and neighbours.
Can I skate over the Freeze-In Mat?

Yes! Only 1" (2.5cm) of ice is required above the rings in order to skate over them.

Do I need two Freeze-In Mats?

It depends on the size of your rink. One Freeze-In Mat is perfect for smaller backyard rinks. If you have a larger rink, we encourage you to purchase an additional Freeze-In Mat to create a double-sided curling rink. It looks more legit and allows for more social distancing.

How do I install the target rings?

The installation process is simple. The Freeze-In Mat is frozen into the ice surface during the flooding process. If your rink is already created, you can simply add in a few more floods over the Freeze-In Mat(s). Installation instructions are included with all purchases of the Freeze-In Mat.

Can I use my existing FloorCurl stones on ice?

If you already own your own FloorCurl stones, you can easily transform them into ice curling stones with our Backyard Curling Conversion Kit. FloorCurl stones cannot be used on ice without the Conversion Kit.

Can I freeze my existing FloorCurl mats in the ice?

No. FloorCurl target mats cannot be frozen into your ice surface. The Freeze-In Mats are specially designed to allow for airflow, ensuring you can properly see the rings in the ice.

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