Buyer's Guide

What to consider when purchasing a Street Curling™ Rink

Do the stones ACTUALLY curl?

  • They should! It is the essence of curling.
  • If the stones aren’t curling, then you’re playing shuffleboard
  • Our new Street Curling™ Pro rinks provide a realistic curling experience with stones curling around other stones just like the real thing!

Do the stones slide or roll?

  • Street Curling™ Pro stones slide like a real curling stone!
  • The stones repeatedly and consistently perform the way you expect, like real curling.
  • Rolling stones break down faster and decelerate at different rates.

Is a World Curling Federation (WCF) endorsement important to you?

  • The WCF is the official international governing body of the Olympic sport of curling.
  • Street Curling™ is the ONLY iceless rink in the world endorsed by the WCF
  • Rock Solid Productions Inc is the Official Development Partner of the WCF.

Is the rink made by curling experts?

  • Rock Solid Productions Inc is the only iceless rink producer in the world committed exclusively to the sport of curling.
  • Rock Solid Productions strives to provide a truly authentic curling experience on synthetic ice.
  • Rock Solid Productions can help with curling-specific consulting:
    • Creating tournaments
    • Scoreboards
    • Generating revenue
  • We remove the costly barriers to maintaining ice and offer curling anywhere!
  • Don’t be fooled by synthetic ice companies pretending to be curling experts.