Street Curling History

Street Curling was born out of a love of curling and inspired by our desire to create unmatched experiences.

  • 2010 Creating Street Curling

    Owner Chad McMullan had already created FloorCurl, the popular portable iceless curling equipment and was dreaming of a bigger, more realistic way to share the sport. It all began with the want to give audiences an experience that was as close to real curling as possible.
  • 2012 Super Bowl Debut

    The first Street Curling rink made its debut at the 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis. Start big, right? Our rink was set up in Super Bowl Village in downtown Indy where 200,000 people gathered daily. Setup with tons of attractions, the Village was the place to be during Super Bowl celebrations. Our first rink was one of the most popular attractions, second only to the zipline that soared above the street. People lined up daily from 10 AM to midnight to experience Street Curling. This big debut was an amazing experience and we learned so much from the event. Our first rink used bearings which we discovered wasn’t the best product for the environment. With fireworks ash raining down nightly on the rink, the bearings mucked up quickly and the stones required lots of maintenance — that would all soon change.
  • Perfecting The Product

    The response from the first events was amazing and it’s what kept us inspired to create the absolute best product out there. Iteration after iteration, we’ve spent thousands of hours creating the ultimate synthetic ice curling product. We’ve focused on all the details, from ensuring the stone was the perfect weight, that the handle was placed in the exact correct place, and that the product was accessible and always fun. We started with bearings, moved to casters, and now our pro stones slide just like real curling stones.
  • 2013 Classic Rink at US Olympic Launch

    Our original classic rink wowed guests at Boston Liberty Mutual’s US Olympic launch. Olympic athletes like Michelle Kwan couldn’t resist giving Street Curling a try.
  • Research & Development Continues

    Our focus has always been on creating the best product and experience. We’ve continually been dedicated to research and development. One summer, we even hired staff to literally play Street Curling for hours to test products. Stone after stone, they played for days. Talk about a #dreamjob. Since those first years, Street Curling has been around the world at sporting events, family entertainment centres, theme parks, community events, restaurants, bars and every place in between.
  • 2015Partnering With The WCF

    Rock Solid Productions becomes the official development partner of the World Curling Federation and Street Curling becomes the official iceless curling equipment of the World Curling Federation. It means we’re legit.
  • 2016Pro Rink Debut

    In 2016 we introduced our now signature rink, the Pro rink. This new rink took the synthetic curling experience to a whole new level. Soon after, we introduced our exclusive curl capabilities. The Street Curling Pro rink replicates the curl of real curling, not only making our rink the most realistic on the market, but also the most strategic and fun to play.
  • 2018Beach Curling Arrives

    We showcased the new pro rink at the first-ever beach curling event 🔥 Sun, sand, and the hottest new attraction.
  • 2019Express Rink Debut

    In 2019 we rolled out the newest member of the Street Curling family, the Express rink. Using the expertise and experience we’ve gained, we created the Express rink, a portable rink ideal for rentals and events.
  • The Innovations Continue

    From the beginning, our goal was to create an innovative, accessible, and entertaining attraction. We’ve spent the time and resources to develop the ultimate iceless curling product. We are the original, the pioneer in the industry, and the product that our competitors all aim to be like. We continue to innovate, ensuring we’re always 2 steps ahead, looking at what’s next.

We’re about more than just curling. We’re driven to provide experiential entertainment in addition to creating the best synthetic curling lanes in the world.

Street Curling is the original synthetic ice curling. We invented it and we've perfected it. We’ve taken the fastest growing Olympic sport and transformed it into a fun, competitive game that can be enjoyed anywhere by people of all ages and abilities. Experience Street Curling on synthetic ice to discover how iceless curling attracts crowds and generates revenue.


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