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Portable & Brandable

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Features & Benefits

The Street Curling Express Rink allows winter's hottest sport to be played virtually anywhere. Street Curling is a fun, competitive game that keeps people of all ages and abilities coming back for more!


Features & Benefits

The Street Curling Express Rink allows winter's hottest sport to be played virtually anywhere - without the high cost of refrigeration!



The Street Curling Express Rink can be set up in minutes so that you can quickly enjoy the game. The inflatable base and borders create the smoothest playing surface possible. Express rinks are perfect for events and rentals.

Branding Options

Express Rinks are completely customizable, allowing you to showcase your branding on your rink and stones.

The Power of Curling

Curling is the fastest-growing Olympic sports and a new-found favourite activity of people around the world.


Street Curling is an inclusive experience, ensuring that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy together.

Weather Resistant

Street Curling Express rinks are weather-resistant and can be used outside during dry weather.

Create an Experience

The ultimate curling experience awaits with tournament guides, scoreboards, and appearances by curling champions.

Inflatable Base and Borders

The Express Rink Inflatable Base and Borders are key features of the Express Rink, allowing you to easily set up on any surface, including outdoors. The inflatable base is perfect for outdoor events and setups on grass and other uneven surfaces, while the inflatable borders keep the stones safely in play. Simply inflate the base and borders using the included electric pump — it takes just 20 minutes — and lay out your Express Rink to begin the curling fun. The Express Rink Inflatable Base and Borders allow you to truly #CurlAnywhere!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about the Street CurlingTM Express Rink. Please contact us if you have any questions about the Express Rink or would like to request pricing information.

Can Street Curling be played while physical distancing?

Yes! Only one user throws at a time, while their teammates and opponents stand to the side. The rinks are 6 feet wide making it easy to know how far apart you are.

What about users touching the stones?

To prevent cross contamination, it is recommended each player use a pusher stick to deliver the stone. You will not need to touch your teammates stones and risk contamination.

Are Street Curling rinks hard to clean and sanitize?

Not at all. Simply wipe down/disinfect the handles, pusher sticks, and stone retrieval mop after each game so they are ready for the next group to use.

Is the World Curling Federation (WCF) endorsement important?

The WCF is the official international governing body of the Olympic sport of curling. Their goal is to facilitate the global growth of curling through their 57 (and growing) member associations. Street Curling™ is the ONLY iceless rink in the world endorsed by the WCF, and Rock Solid Productions Inc is the Official Development Partner of the WCF.

Should the stones look like curling stones?

The only way to get a true curling experience is to throw a stone that looks like the real thing. Our Street Curling™ stones look authentic and are shaped like the real thing, just scaled down proportionately for a more enjoyable playing experience.

Are any additional accessories required? Do you supply them?

Street Curling rink kits include everything needed to play a game. Additional options are available including custom scoreboards, signage for how to play, scorecards, stone retrievers, and mats to place at the end of the rinks.

Do you give advice on how to operate the rink?

Purchasing a Street Curling Rink is just the first step! Your rep will work with you to develop a full business plan on how to operate and manage the rink, including suggestions on what to charge and how to organize Bonspiels (tournaments in Curling lingo)!

Can we make our own rules?

Yes! We invite you to create your own house rules.

How do we start the game?

Flip a coin with the loser shooting first. Take turns sliding your stones down the rink until all stones have been delivered.

  • Toronto Blue Jays
    We always trust Street Curling to provide a truly unique experience that engages fans with the Blue Jays brand. The sight of a curling rink at a baseball stadium stops people in their tracks, with fans of all ages lining up to give it a try.
    Toronto Blue Jays
    Rogers Communications
  • Danny Lamoureux, Director
    Our Street Curling rinks draw a big crowd. Their team continually goes above and beyond our expectations. Working with Street Curling is always a pleasure, and I would recommend them to anyone.
    Danny Lamoureux, Director
    Curling Club Development & Championship Services, Curling Canada
  • Rick Patzke, COO
    Street Curling is the most advanced replica curling system we have utilized yet - and we love it!
    Rick Patzke, COO

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