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Who is Street Curling for?

Street Curling is a perfect activity for corporate events, municipalities, seasonal gatherings, festivals & celebrations, schools & universities, and more!

Throw Social
Montana Nights Axe Throwing
Montana Nights Axe Throwing
Street Curling is an engaging attraction that excites guests of all ages and abilities. Take your event to the next level and wow your guests with an activity that will keep them engaged and socializing.

Let’s lay the scene: your guests arrive, they’re excited for your event, ready to mingle and party. They walk in and are stopped in their tracks by the Olympic sport they’ve always wanted to try. Or better yet, you advertise your Street Curling rink ahead of time and people line up to get in to give it a try. Street Curling ensures your guests will be snapping and sharing photos and videos of the unforgettable event you hosted.

Planning a winter-themed festival or looking for winter event ideas? Street Curling provides all the fun of the Olympic sport of curling without requiring any of the overhead required for freezing and cleaning ice. Forget about skating on a basic synthetic ice rental, Street Curling turns heads, engages guests, and creates unique and engaging events for all. Elevate your next corporate party, winter carnival, or festival with Street Curling.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to set up and dismantle
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor events
  • More unique than standard synthetic skating rink rental
  • Tournament (Bonspiel) Design & Models
  • Custom Scoreboards, Scorecards, & Signage
  • House Rules & How to Play
  • Appearances by Curling Champions
  • Every other Curling need you can think of!

Featured Projects

  • We always trust Street Curling to provide a truly unique experience that engages fans with the Blue Jays brand. The sight of a curling rink at a baseball stadium stops people in their tracks, with fans of all ages lining up to give it a try.
    Toronto Blue Jays
  • Daryl Morey, GM
    I kept sneaking away to play on the Street Curling Pro rink, it was definitely the hit of the conference.
    Daryl Morey, GM
    Houston Rockets
  • Rick Patzke, COO
    Street Curling is the most advanced replica curling system we have utilized yet - and we love it!
    Rick Patzke, COO

Express Rink Inflatable Base

The Street Curling Express Rink Inflatable Base allows you to easily set up your Express Rink on any surface, including outdoors. The Inflatable Base inflates in just 20 minutes and can be effortlessly leveled for a quick curling experience anywhere. In addition to being a portable base, the Inflatable Base also has seamless bumpers to keep rocks contained. The Inflatable Base is perfect for outdoor events and setups on grass and other uneven surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is synthetic ice?

They should! It is essentially what curling is all about. If the stones aren’t curling then you’re basically playing shuffleboard. Our new Street Curling™ rinks provide a realistic curling experience with stones curling around other stones just like the real thing!

How much does synthetic ice cost?

The only way to get a true curling experience is to throw a stone that looks like the real thing. Our Street Curling™ stones look authentic and are shaped like the real thing, just scaled down proportionately for a more enjoyable playing experience.

How many people can play?

With one foot on the ice use a small backswing and release the stone as it touches the ice in the forward motion. Make sure the stone is touching the ice upon release and do not throw or drop the stone from above the ice.

How hard is it to install?

After all stones have been delivered, the team with the stone closest to the center of the rings scores one point for every stone closer to the center than their opponents closest stone.

Have more questions about Street Curling? Visit our FAQ page for more information.

Ready to #CurlAnywhere and deliver your event attendees a unique experience? Contact us to rent your Street Curling rink or to find out more about our artificial ice curling attractions.

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