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An ideal attraction for high end hotels, resorts, cruises, sports bars, and campgrounds.

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Markets We Serve

Luxury Hotels

Street Curling provides a unique activity for guests and the public. Extend the use of your outdoor areas, lobbies, and mixed-use lounges with an artificial curling rink. Pair your rink with a combination of special events, wedding rentals, and unique food and beverage offerings to create an immersive experience.


Curling by the beach? Let’s do it! Host the most unique location for Street Curling by setting up an artificial curling rink at your resort. Curling on the hottest days in the hottest places is an experience that your guests won’t soon forget. Street Curling offers recreation for all ages and athletic abilities, ideal for both family-focused and adult resorts.

Cruise Lines

Street Curling is the only curling based attraction used successfully on cruise ships. Passengers will enjoy facing off in friendly competition as they cruise the high seas, envisioning themselves as Olympic champions. Street Curling is a unique attraction that turns heads and engages crowds!


Family and friends will gather for a game and a good time at your Street Curling rink. Set up tournaments to engage guests as they enjoy one of the fastest-growing Olympic sports, right at your campground!


For decades curling has been synonymous with beer. Why change that now? Instead of just watching it on TV, your patrons can now experience the sport for themselves, with a drink special in hand. Street Curling is a unique sports bar game that will have your bar at capacity, perfect for permanent installations or for rentals coinciding with big events.

Street Curling is an engaging attraction that wows guests of all ages and abilities. Curling is a sport that people around the world love watching on TV. Get your visitors moving and give them the opportunity to experience it for themselves!

Curling is one of the fastest-growing Olympic sports, engaging viewers and even getting NFLers to take up the sport. Bringing Street Curling to your recreation or hospitality facility allows you to take advantage of all the high-profile interest without having to deal with the maintenance costs of real ice.

Street Curling uses synthetic ice to create a crowd-pleasing iceless curling experience. Street Curling is an artificial curling rink that is portable and easy to store, providing the opportunity for seasonal displays while its durability and low maintenance needs will keep your guests curling for years to come.

Whether it be a friendly game between family members or a competitive match among friends, Street Curling will make your recreation offerings a selling feature by providing visitors with the unique opportunity to experience the thrill of the Olympic sport of curling.

Contact us to learn more about how Street Curling will engage guests at your location.

Features and Benefits

  • Professional On-Site Instruction
  • Low Maintenance with Long Lifespan
  • Consulting for Successful FEC Events & Promotions
  • Branding options including Rink Design and Custom Stones
  • Attraction can be used both Indoors and Outdoors
  • Tournament (Bonspiel) Design & Models
  • Custom Scoreboards, Scorecards, & Signage
  • House Rules & How to Play
  • Appearances by Curling Champions
  • Every other Curling need you can think of

Featured Projects

  • We always trust Street Curling to provide a truly unique experience that engages fans with the Blue Jays brand. The sight of a curling rink at a baseball stadium stops people in their tracks, with fans of all ages lining up to give it a try.
    Toronto Blue Jays
  • Rick Patzke, COO
    Street Curling is the most advanced replica curling system we have utilized yet - and we love it!
    Rick Patzke, COO
  • Daryl Morey, GM
    I kept sneaking away to play on the Street Curling Pro rink, it was definitely the hit of the conference.
    Daryl Morey, GM
    Houston Rockets

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Street Curling Rinks be Used Outside?

Of course! Street Curling rinks can be used in all temperatures and weather conditions. Street Curling rinks are perfect for every location from the snowy north to the sunny south. Street Curling rinks are UV protected and will not fade.

What Maintenance is Required?

The panels are self-lubricating, meaning no messy lubricants are needed. Street Curling rinks require no additional maintenance other than a clean surface. Debris would impede the path of the stones which would decrease accuracy. Just like any floor, a simple sweep and spot clean is all that is needed!

How Hard is it to Install?

A Street Curling Pro Rink can be set up by two people in about an hour. The only tools required are a hammer, chisel, and a hex key. A Street Curling Classic Rink can be set up by two people in approximately 20 minutes.

How Much Floor Space is Required Around the Street Curling Rink?

You only need a few feet of space on the throwing end(s) of a Street Curling rink and enough room on one side of the rink to retrieve stones. Space is only needed on one side of the rink, allowing the rink to be pushed up against a wall if required. We recommend a minimum of 4 feet on the throwing end(s) and 2 feet on the side(s).

Are any Additional Accessories Required? Do you Supply Them?

Street Curling rink kits include everything needed to play a game. Additional options are available including custom scoreboards, signage for how to play, scorecards, stone retrievers, and mats to place at the end of the rinks.

Do you Give Advice on How to Operate the Rink?

Purchasing a Street Curling Rink is just the first step! Your rep will work with you to develop a full business plan on how to operate and manage the rink, including suggestions on what to charge and how to organize Bonspiels (tournaments in Curling lingo)!

Have more questions about Street Curling? Visit our FAQ page for more information.

If you’re ready to #curlanywhere or have any questions about our curling attractions, please call 1-888-909-5805 or fill out the form below.



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