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As a theme park developer or consultant, we get that you’re always looking for the latest attraction that keeps you ahead of theme park industry trends. Bring the hype surrounding the sport of curling, the game that enthralls the world during the Olympics, to your park and wow your guests.

Curling is one of the fastest-growing Olympic sports, engaging viewers and even getting NFLers to take up the sport. Street Curling allows you to take advantage of all the high-profile interest without having to deal with the maintenance costs of real ice.

As guests search for immersive experiences, deliver them a unique activity ideal for parks with winter attractions and seasonal festivities. Pair Street Curling with festive food and beverage offerings (poutine, anyone?) to create an attraction that visitors can’t walk by. The head-turning attraction will ensure you are a leader in amusement park trends. As curling grows around the world, Street Curling also engages audiences in emerging markets including South America and the Middle East.

Street Curling uses synthetic ice to create a crowd-pleasing iceless curling experience. Street Curling is an artificial curling rink that is portable and easy to store, providing the opportunity for seasonal displays while its durability and low maintenance needs will keep your guests curling for years to come.

Whether it be a friendly game between family members or a competitive match among friends, Street Curling provides visitors with the unique opportunity to experience the thrill of the Olympic sport of curling.

Contact us to learn more about how Street Curling will wow the crowds at your theme park.

Features and Benefits

  • Professional On-Site Instruction
  • Consulting for Successful Special Events & Promotions
  • Branding options including Rink Design and Custom Stones
  • Attraction can be used both Indoors and Outdoors
  • Tournament (Bonspiel) Design & Models
  • Custom Scoreboards, Scorecards, & Signage
  • House Rules & How to Play
  • Appearances by Curling Champions
  • Every other Curling need you can think of!

Featured Projects

  • Daryl Morey, GM
    I kept sneaking away to play on the Street Curling Pro rink, it was definitely the hit of the conference.
    Daryl Morey, GM
    Houston Rockets
  • Rick Patzke, COO
    Street Curling is the most advanced replica curling system we have utilized yet - and we love it!
    Rick Patzke, COO
  • Ginger Flesher Sonnier, Founder & CEO
    Working with Rock Solid Productions has been an absolute pleasure and a breeze! They made customization easy & shipping easy, and are all around great people to work with. We look forward to using their rinks in all of our future builds.
    Ginger Flesher Sonnier, Founder & CEO
    The Ginger Companies

Frequently Asked Questions

What Maintenance is Required?

The panels are self-lubricating, meaning no messy lubricants are needed. Street Curling rinks require no additional maintenance other than a clean surface. Debris would impede the path of the stones which would decrease accuracy. Just like any floor, a simple sweep and spot clean is all that is needed!

How hard is it to install?

A Street Curling Pro Rink can be set up by two people in approximately an hour. The only tools required are a hammer, chisel, and a hex key. A Street Curling Classic Rink can be set up by two people in approximately 20 minutes.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! We’ve proud to have Street Curling rinks in countries around the world.

Can I customize the rink with my park’s branding?

Yes! Both rinks have branding options that allow for customization. Classic Rinks are completely brandable.

How slippery is the synthetic ice surface?

The rink is not slippery, however you should not walk on it to protect the surface. You can stand on the first small panel of the surface to throw the stones, but users should not walk along the surface of the rink. The surface can get slippery if wet. Staying off of the surface also helps keep it clean.

Do you have food and merchandise recommendations that pair well with street curling?

Our team will help you build a curling attraction that pulls in guests and visitors. Purchasing a Street Curling Rink is just the first step! Your rep will work with you to develop a full business plan on how to operate and manage the rink.

Have more questions about Street Curling? Visit our FAQ page for more information.

If you’re ready to #curlanywhere or have any questions about our curling attractions for theme parks, please call 1-888-909-5805 or fill out the form below.



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