Frequently Asked Questions

Answering all the questions we get asked the most!


Can Street Curling be Played while Social Distancing?

Yes! Only one user delivers at a time, while their teammates and opponents stand to the side. The rinks are 6 feet wide making it easy to know how far apart players are. Street Curling is a safe and accessible social distancing game

To prevent cross-contamination, it is recommended each player use a pusher stick to deliver the stones if they are not from the same household. If two players are playing 1-vs-1, pusher sticks are not needed.

Are Street Curling Rinks Easy to Clean and Sanitize?

Absolutely! Simply wipe down/disinfect the stone handles, pusher sticks, and stone retrieval mop after each game so that they are ready for the next group to use.


Do the Stones Slide or Roll?

Street Curling™ stones slide like a real curling stone! This provides an authentic curling experience, and the stones repeatedly and consistently perform the way you want them to. Rolling stones break down faster and decelerate at different rates.

Is the World Curling Federation (WCF) Endorsement Important?

The WCF is the official international governing body of the Olympic sport of curling. Their goal is to facilitate the global growth of curling through their 57 (and growing) member associations. Street Curling™ is the ONLY iceless rink in the world endorsed by the WCF, and Rock Solid Productions Inc is the Official Development Partner of the WCF.

Should the Stones look like Curling Stones?

The only way to get a true curling experience is to deliver a stone that looks like the real thing. Our Street Curling™ stones look authentic and are shaped like the real thing, just scaled down proportionately for a more enjoyable playing experience.

Is the Rink from a Company Dedicated to Curling?

Rock Solid Productions Inc is the only iceless rink producer in the world committed exclusively to the sport of curling. We are the only Official Development Partner of the World Curling Federation, and produce the only iceless curling products endorsed by the WCF. Rock Solid Productions strives to provide a truly authentic curling experience on synthetic ice. We want to remove the barriers and offer curling anywhere! Don’t be fooled by synthetic ice companies who try to provide a form of curling as a by-product when they are primarily in the plastics or skating industry.

How Hard are Street Curling Rinks to Install?

A Street Curling Pro Rink can be set up by two people in about an hour. The only tools required are a hammer, chisel, and a hex key. A Street Curling Classic Rink can be set up by two people in approximately 20 minutes.

Are any Additional Accessories Required? Do you Supply Them?

Street Curling rink kits include everything needed to play a game. Additional options are available including custom scoreboards, signage for how to play, scorecards, stone retrievers, and mats to place at the end of the rinks.

How Long Will It Take To Pay Off My Street Curling Rink?

Talk to your Street Curling Rep to discuss methods of how you can pay off your rink in just 7-9 weeks!

What Maintenance is Required?

The panels are self-lubricating, meaning no messy lubricants are needed. Street Curling rinks require no additional maintenance other than a clean surface. Debris would impede the path of the stones which would decrease accuracy. Just like any floor, a simple sweep and spot clean is all that is needed!

How Much Floor Space is Required Around the Street Curling Rink?

You only need a few feet of space on the delivering end(s) of a Street Curling rink and enough room on one side of the rink to retrieve stones. Space is only needed on one side of the rink, allowing the rink to be pushed up against a wall if required. We recommend a minimum of 4 feet on the delivering end(s) and 2 feet on the side(s).

Can Street Curling Rinks be Used Outside?

Street Curling Pro and Classic rinks can be used in all temperatures and weather conditions. Street Curling Pro and Classic rinks are perfect for every location from the snowy north to the sunny south. Street Curling Pro and Classic rinks are UV protected and will not fade.

Is the Rink from a Company Dedicated to Curling?

Is The Rink Slippery? Can You Walk On It? The rink is not slippery, however you should not walk on it to protect the surface. You can stand on the first small panel of the surface to deliver the stones, but users should not walk along the surface of the rink. The surface can get slippery if wet. Staying off of the surface also helps keep it clean.

How Do You Collect The Stones If You Can't Walk On The Rink?

We have a lightweight telescopic stone retriever available for purchase that can easily collect stones while standing on the end or sides of the rink. This also helps keep the surface clean, and can be branded!

Do you Give Advice on How to Operate the Rink?

Purchasing a Street Curling Rink is just the first step! Your rep will work with you to develop a full business plan on how to operate and manage the rink, including suggestions on what to charge and how to organize Bonspiels (tournaments in Curling lingo)!


How Do we Start the Game?

Flip a coin with the loser shooting first. Take turns sliding your stones down the ice until all stones have been delivered.

How Do we Pick Colors?

After flipping a coin to see who goes first, the loser picks their color and shoots first, with the winner of the flip getting last stone.

How Do I Deliver my Stone?

With one foot on the ice, use a small backswing and release the stone as it touches the ice in the forward motion. Make sure the stone is touching the ice upon release and do not deliver or drop the stone from above the ice.

How Do I Score?

After all stones have been delivered, the team with the stone closest to the center of the rings scores one point for every stone closer to the center than their opponents closest stone.

What if a Stone Hits the Side Boards?

A stone is out of play if it hits the sides or the far end. Remove the stone from play and put any stones it touched after hitting the sides back to their original position.

What if Nobody Hits the Rings/House?

If no stones are touching the house at the completion of an end, no points are scored. The team who had the last stone keeps it in the next end.

Can I Sweep?

Sweeping isn’t needed on Street Curling rinks, but you can still yell sweeping instructions like “Hurry Hard!” and “Whoa!”

Can we Make our own Rules?

Yes! We invite you to create your own house rules. Do not use ricochet shots off the side as they will damage the equipment.

Do I Need Special Clothes?

It doesn’t matter what you wear, you’ll always look good while Street Curling!

Do I Have to Squat to Deliver a Stone?

We have special pusher sticks available. These sticks are telescoping and they fit over the handle of the stones allowing the user to deliver the stones from a standing or sitting position.